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Malatsi-Teffo Inc. is an experienced legal service provider that renders a wide range of services to its clients. 

LITIGATION - We offer a variety of services in the litigation field which comprise of civil, criminal and commercial matters. We offer a variety of services in High Court and Magistrate court matters, Motion Courts, Personal Injuries, Medical Malpractice, and Debt collection. 

COMMERCIAL LAW - We draft commercial contracts and offer advice on other commercial matters.Our scope under Commercial Law comprises of Service Level Agreement, Shareholder Agreements; Deal negotiations, Drafting of contracts etc.

References: Level Agreement for Department of Science and Technology, Shareholders Agreement for Pro-Origin Pty. Ltd. Deal negotiation of a going concern which was under Liquidation Bavaria Braü; 

ICT LAW - Our company was involved in the licensing process in terms of the S 40 A (2)(a) of the Telecommunications Act, this was with regard to applications for under serviced areas licence. 
Our involvement in this regard included:
  • Hearing attendance;
  • Assessment of applications; 
DEBT COLLECTION -We collect debts for individuals, corporate clients and various entities. Our company also does recoveries for creditors of liquidated companies. Our main objective in these cases is to secure full payment as quick as possible, and also ensure that the relationship with our client’s customer remains intact. We aim to maintain a good relationship of our client with various stakeholders.

References: Debt collection for the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Involved in the recovery of liquidated Pyramid Scheme known as Krion/ MP Finance. 

LABOUR LAW - We preside over the disciplinary hearing and compensation matters and also represent clients at the CCMA. We also provide advice our clients about the changes in law, as well as helping them to be aware of such changes. We represent clients in mediation, arbitration and labour court as well as other administrative tribunals. We assist both the employer and employees in the process of this discipline. The director also attended disciplinary hearings of employment law and practice. Our services are amongst others are: Disciplinary procedures, Unfair Labour Practice, Health and safety issues, Labour court matters  

INSOLVENCY - We are not only limited to application for Sequestration, Liquidation and S311 application. We also give assistance to those who are affected by the Liquidation/ Sequestration orders, in the administration process. We conduct interrogations or enquiries for client’s or customers.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE - We assist the companies and the factories in corporate scandals , rife corporate failure and the companies that are experiencing liquidation, we advice those companies and give them guidance on how to handle this problems in the business.

PERSONAL INJURY - With the 19 years of experience that some of our staff members have in dealing with the Motor Accident Fund claims, injuries on duty claim, medical negligence, train injury.our company has its main specialty in the personal injury matters. We litigate various matters of personal injuries, we also handle assessments and out of court settlement. Our clientele in this regard varies from small to larger claims valued at more than one million rands.